This page is about the music software roon

Local Files

Local Roon files have some special features over streamed content:

Tagging (meta data)

Roon cleans up your music library and updates the metadata associated with your music.

Although Roon has a rich metadata database, it sometimes happens, especially for less popular albums, that they can not be identified. Here it is helpful to tag these to supplement the missing data.

Software for editing meta data:

See also File Tag Best Practice for further information.

Converting files

5.1 flac to Stereo flac

ffmpeg -i /audio/5.1-input.flac -ac 2 /audio/stereo.flac

DTS wav to other lossless formats

If necessary simply replace .wav with another file format:

for file in *.wav; do name=$(echo $file | sed "s/\\.wav//g"); ffmpeg -acodec dts -i "$name".wav -vn -sn -acodec flac "$name".flac; done

Grouping tracks in Roon

This procedure is currently a bit awkward. First, all pieces that are to be grouped must be tagged with an external (not within Roon) tag editor according to the following scheme:

In some cases the album has to be edited in Roon:

Metadata Preferences → Multi-part Composition Group → Choose Prefer File

Editing, Cutting of audio files

Free software for editing audio files (for most plattforms):